Johnny is an entrepreneur,  founder of 7LineMedia LLC.,  co-founder of Mid-Atlantic Multirotor Inc., and an FAA Certified Remote Pilot. Since the creation of this new industry, Johnny has been working at the forefront by developing and utilizing cutting-edge technologies to capture incredible views from the air.
7LineMedia has been a leader in Aerial Cinematography since its founding in 2010.  Leveraging the combination of creative vision, unique skill, and technologically advanced sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems, or ‘drones’) to produce dynamic and compelling imagery for major motion picture production, television, and advertising.  Extensive industry experience has shaped a high level of expertise that allows them to capture stand-out aerial footage for professional production.
Johnny’s feature film work includes “FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS” (Voltage Pictures 2015), “GRUDGE MATCH” (Warner Brothers 2014), “THE EXPENDABLES 3” (Lionsgate 2014), “FARMLAND” (Allentown Prod. 2014), “SPARK: A BURNING MAN STORY” (Spark Pictures 2013) and television production with NETFLIX, ABCBBCAMCPBSFOX SPORTSPGA TOURTRAVEL CHANNELDISCOVERY CHANNELHISTORY CHANNEL, and ANIMAL PLANET.

Mid-Atlantic Multirotor Inc. has been manufacturing custom drones since 2013. It was founded with the initiative to create a line of multi-rotor airframes that are as much rugged as they are beautiful and efficient. Their airframes are meticulously drafted and extensively scrutinized to ensure the absolute highest quality and performance.  Mid-Atlantic Multirotor specializes in fully custom designed sUAS for industrial, governmental, educational, and photographical use.